Lancer Orthodontics

Building upon more than fifty years of success as a trusted provider of affordable, high quality orthodontic products around the world.

For more than a half-century, Lancer Orthodontics has been a trusted leader in the field of designing, manufacturing and distributing orthodontic appliances and accessories.

Utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technologies, our team of skilled and experienced technicians has created a contemporary line of high-quality, affordable orthodontic appliances and accessories that are admired by doctors worldwide, and loved by the thousands of patients who have benefited from their use.

Lancer Orthodontics is fully committed to providing unparalleled customer care to each member of our global client network. As such, we take great pride in knowing that each of our customers, whether a small clinic or a major worldwide distributor, receive a level of personalized attention that will ensure their ultimate satisfaction. In doing so, we continue to build new relationships around the world while fostering our reputation as a trusted and reliable source for quality orthodontic appliances.

Our product line includes a full spectrum of orthodontic products and accessories necessary for successful treatments, including brackets, bands, buccal tubes, wires, elastomerics, extra-oral appliances and hand instruments. Each of our products is manufactured under a quality management system that is certified to the latest applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, giving our customers the assurance that they receive products that are of consistently high quality, with increased assurances that their individual needs and expectations will be met.

Those who choose Lancer Orthodontics as their trusted supplier of orthodontic appliances and accessories benefit from more than 50 years of research, development and manufacturing innovations that have resulted in the products they use on a daily basis to produce beautiful smiles in children and adults alike. Choose Lancer, and experience a truly unique partner that is fully committed to your ultimate success.